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Toss the Turtle is a popular distance game, where you fire a turtle out of a cannon to see how far you make him fly by all means necessary. Proceeding to buy in game upgrades you will find you can get him pretty far with some unique additions like bomb and jet packs. Borrowing from previous games such as shopping cart hero Toss the Turtle does a good job at bringing a fresh and funnier look at a distance game.

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About Toss The Turtle Game

As previously mentioned Toss the Turtle game isn't the first to use this concept, with popular titles such as Hedgehog Launch 1 and 2, Learn to Fly, the Shopping Cart Hero games and a few others coming before this Newgrounds creation.

You can always tell how addictive a game is simply by viewing the stats of such large gaming sites as and with both sites showing that Toss the Turtle certainly has turtle power! Both sites have now received millions of plays for this launch based game.

More About the Actual Game

So let's find out more about the actual game and how it works. When you first load the game you get the feeling of it being very much a 80's retro style arcade game. Having said that a lot of game developers who design games for Newgrounds do actually create games in this particular style.

Once loaded you are greeted with a cartoon like set of instructions designed in a very quirky fashion. One of the funniest things we found about the game at this point is the sign just before you start that reads 'Don't kill yourself! take breaks this game auto saves! There is a screwed up looking turtle sat at the computer screen because he has been playing Toss the Turtle for too long, its most likely how some gamers end up when playing the real quality games for too long like Toss the Turtle.

When the game begins you are greeted with some dramatic action music and cartoony graphics. You aim the cannon with the mouse and click and hold the mouse button to begin the process of tossing the turtle high into the air. To release the turtle from the canon simply release the mouse again as near to the top of the power bar as possible.

When your turtle is in mid flight you can guide him around using the W, A and D keys. Along the way you will be greeted by all sorts of obstacles and aids in your quest to go as far as possible along the dirt track. Aids include machine gun fire and bombs that propel you further into the air. These aids can have a considerable impact on how far you toss your turtle so be sure to steer your turtle into them. Obstacles include a barrier of spikes that will splatter your turtle into a bloody mess.

On my second attempt at tossing the turtle I get enough money for my first upgrade in the shop which is the Rock pack.

When you buy an upgrade in it appears as a small icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Simply click on the icon before you start your next toss and it will be activated during the toss.

The rock pack isn't such a bad upgrade since it lasts forever due to endless refills. You can easily reach over 10,000 feet using the rock pack and that will get you alot of money to spend on more upgrades.

A great thing about this launching game is the constant change of scenery per round. This means you will never get bored by playing in one particular landscape. So at one point you maybe firing your turtle through a lush green woods landscape and the next your turtle is flying through a skyscraper littered city!

My second upgrade was a gun. That's right the great thing about Toss the Turtle game is not just the many canon upgrades but you also have plenty of guns to choose from. These guns enable you to shoot your turtle whilst in mid flight to encourage him to go further. The more powerful the gun the further you will be able to prolong your turtles flight! I bought the revolver for $6,000.

If you get a decent amount of flight with your turtle the revolver can pack one hell of a punch. On several occassions because I had the power of my trusty revolver I was able to get my turtle beyond 30,000 feet!

Other hilarious objects I have noticed on the way are a set of a spikes that splatter you to kingdom come, a huge bomb that explodes and tosses you high into the air and a big flame that sets you on fire!

So I have covered objects along the ground but what about some of the objects found in the air? Well for a start off theres bags of money and these are always welcome! I'm not sure how much you get for each bag of money you hit but it's better to hit them than to miss them, thats for sure. Secondly there's some flocking birds that you can hit, I think these actually slow you down! Thirdly you have some mini bombs that can help keep you up in the air longer instead of bashing against the ground (which is always painful!).

So I save up another $25,000 and its time to purchase the jet pack, its the daddy of the mid flight boosters! The first time I use it I get well over 50,000 feet and earn $8,000! The jet pack easily sends you another 20,000 feet along and is well worth saving up for. It will also mean you acquire a hell of a lot more money faster as opposed to trying to save up past it to buy something else instead.

I won't waffle on and spoil the whole game for you, there are plenty more upgrades and guns to pick from that will see your turtle get tossed way beyond 30,000 feet, so get playing and enjoy!

There is currently no news as to when number 2 or 3 will be released. We hope atleast Toss the Turtle 2 will start being developed within the next year.

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