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Fire The Bull Into a Bunch of Gummy Bears!

This is a rather unique toss type game where you fire a man like bull into the air and let him bounce along his merry way crushing gummy bears whilst he's at it. Officially entitled 'Burrito Bison' this bull firing game by Juicy Beast is one of the most popular distance games on the net with it's sequel racking up even more plays.

A Sweet and Colourful Plot!

We like the plot of Burrito Bison, he is minding his own business doing his daily grocery shopping in the supermarket when from no where a blue candy like arm reaches out from a bag of sweets and pulls Bison into the bag. He is then shown behind bars in the middle of a gummy bear 'bull like' ring or colloseum - it seems like the gummy bears want some entertainment.

You are pitted against an evil looking and very big cookie but your job isn't to tackle this sweet looking monster instead it is to launch yourself out of the ring and on to the escaping gummy bears killing or squishing as many as you can.

Plenty of Upgrades

There are plenty of upgrades to be had and we like the fact that Juicy Beast have made more of an effort than some launch games in regards to the originality of the upgrades. They have added a fair few variables into the equation that can all be increased in stages from one to five, these are:

  • Elastic Cables: Start with more powerful launches
  • Slippery Lotion: Lose less speed when hitting the floor and bounching off gummies
  • Pickpocket: You earn more cash from gummies
  • Bounciness: Gummies make your bounce higher and lose less speed
  • Rocket Slam: Increase the amount of times you can body slam
  • Resistance: Lose less speed and when going through doors and landing on cops
  • Bubble Gummies: Increase your chances of encountering gummies hanging on to bubble gum
  • Glider Gummies: Increase your chances of encountering hanggliding gummies
  • Rocket Gummies: Increase your chances of encountering gummies riding rockets
  • Pogo Stick: Increase your chances of encountering gummies on pogo sticks
  • Pepper Gummies: Increase your chances of encountering gummies carrying chilli peppers
  • General Goods: Increase your chances of encountering gummies carrying items

Eight Achievements to be Won

There are eight achievements to be won in toss the bull which can be attained by:

  • Candyland Breakthrough : Escape Candy Land and return to the super market
  • Break Jawbreaker's Jaw! : Get a perfect launch 10 times
  • Buffed Out: Upgrade everything to the max
  • Pants On Fire : Attain a very high speed
  • Outlaw : Squash 100 police officers
  • Sweet Impact : Reach past the skys limit
  • Let's Pretend The Floor Is Lava: Go through the arena without touching the ground
  • Mix The Flavours : Get atleast 1 of each special gummy in a single run

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