Toss the Turtle Upgrades Guide

toss the turtle game upgrades

The Rock Pack - $1000

This primitive jet pack is heavy and slow but it will get the job done and it comes with free fuel refills!

Chest Bomb - $2,000

Strap the bomb to your chest and it will automatically explode if you stop moving. It only has one use before you have to buy another.

Big Canon - $10,000

A strong, durable canon. Good for private use of launching yourself.

Nuclear Thingy - $10,000

Nuclear bombs are dangerous but who cares? They make a huge explosion and you can buy more than one! Click the nuke to use one.

Jet Pack - $25,000

The newest in jet pack technology. Smooth flight and can go very high. Must purchase a rock pack first. Click it to activate it.

Super Canon - $40,000

This canon comes with flashy buttons and a stronger blast. You need to trade in the other canon first.

Missile - $60,000

Everyone knows missiles are faster than any jet pack, so why not use this instead? Must trade in jet pack. Click it to activate it.

Gold Canon - $100,000

The gold canon is of superior design, utilising maximum comfort to distance ratio! Will only trade for good quality canons.

Tank - $200,000

The tank is not only an awesome weapon of war, but can provide hours of fun! It's the most powerful canon in this shop!