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A Simple Walkthrough

toss the turtle walkthrough

Since the Toss the Turtle game has become one of the most popular online distance games, I thought I would give you a little hints and tips section, to help you along the way. There are many obstacles that the player has to overcome, and since we do not want to leave you high and dry, here is a rather compressive guide.

There are many things that can help you extend your distance. Let's take a look at a few of the categories that will help you propel your turtle to distance glory!

Shop items.

Well the shop items range from extremely basic to the sublime; there are nine items to choose from with prices ranging from $1000 all the way through to $200,000. You can view the pictures and the prices of the upgrades here.

The Rock pack is the most basic of items, it will boost your distance, but not for long, however, it is only $1000 and I would highly recommend that this is your first purchase.

The chest bomb is not the most genius of weapons. At $2000 and only one use, I would not recommend using it, until you have enough money to blow. The bomb detonates when the turtle stops moving, however, if you are impaled by spikes then it will not detonate, and you will lose the $2000, which is a lot of money when you first start off.

The nuclear bomb is not the most imaginative of weapons, when you activate it you will see a massive explosion on the screen and no signs of your turtle. The nuclear bomb adds a lot of extra distance to your turtle but rarely exceeds its $10,000 price tag, as you only get one use from it.

The jet pack costs a massive $25,000, but it is a far cry from the Rock pack, the jet pack will propel you a long distance and can elevate you, but you will have to do many more shots to see that $25,000 again.

The missile is a vast improvement on the jet pack. As you can imagine tying a missile to a turtle can have some substantial consequences. At a colossal $60,000, it is terribly expensive and should only be purchased after other more valuable items.

The big cannon is the first upgrade to the cannons, you can instantly see the difference it makes to your distance, propelling your turtle friend out much faster. For a small fee of $10,000 this can be yours. This should be the second item you buy after the rock pack.

The super cannon is the upgrade from the big cannon. This will propel you for miles and miles, and you can get some tremendous distance from it. However, it costs a massive $40,000, and you will have to do a bunch of shots before you can unlock this beast.

The gold cannon is the Aston Martin of cannons, it boasts to have maximum comfort which I am sure it offers at a premium, and the best distance to ratio. However, at a massive $100,000 it will be a while before you can purchase this beauty, but this item should be purchased before the missiles.

Finally the tank, this is an upgrade from the cannons. I still do not understand how exactly a turtle fits down through the barrel of a tank, but, you will soon not care as you fly through the air at impossible speeds, this is much better than the gold cannon, but has a rather unrealistic price tag at $200,000.


As well as the shop floor items you can also purchase a vast selection of guns. These guns act as a replacement for your slingshot and offer you extra distance. You can view the pictures and prices of the guns here. Make sure you use all of them wisely and keep something in reserve to avoid spikes along the way.

The revolver and desert eagle are two hand guns which will cost you $6,000 and $8,000 respectively. They both do little to your distance but are both handy starting weapons.

The Uzi and AK47 are the first of the automatic weapons, they will cost you $10k and $40k respectively and will boost your distance, but both have low accuracy, so you may find you only land with about 50% of the bullets, especially if you decide to fire them all at once.

The pump and auto shotguns are next on the list in Toss The Turtle, costing $40k and $50k between them. They both offer high power and low ammo but have decent accuracy. It will be easy to hit your turtle with these guns, but as you only have a small amount of bullets you need to be careful about when you decide to use them.

The sniper rifle costs a whopping $75k and offers a lot of power with supreme accuracy; however, the sniper only comes with limited bullets, but if used correctly this is probably the most effective gun, well apart from the obvious exception.

The Bazooka costs just above the sniper at $80k, but has double the power with half the bullets, there is little difference between the two, if you use them both correctly.

The golden gun is the mac daddy of weapons in Toss the Turtle; however at a bank breaking $400,000 it is by far the most expensive item on the game. However, in return you get a weapons that boasts 5000 power, with sniper like accuracy, it is truly the ultimate weapon.


Along the way you will come across a bunch of funny characters, these ?obstacles' can be deterrents or act as an aid to your slowing turtle. Here are just a few of the obstacles you will come across.

The masked man with the chainsaw is one of the characters you want to run in to, yes it is crazy I know, but he can propel your distance, especially if you hit him at the right angle.

You will also see a mixed collaboration of bombs, from the regular bomb, to the flying bomb and even a giant bomb. Each of these will drive your distance further due to their varying explosions. The giant bomb can be a detrimental but rewarding weapon, and is probably the best item to propel your distance.

One of the only items you want to avoid are the spikes, for obvious reasons. You will impale your turtle on any spikes you see, and therefore, must try and avoid them. To miss the spikes, use the WASD keys or use your slingshot/gun to move you past them. Once you hit the spikes it is game over.


There are selections of 40 medals that you can collect along the way; these can be used to define your success in the game. I will not run through the list of 40 medals, but you can see which ones you need to unlock at the shop. Some of the medals give you rewards which you can use to boost the turtle as far as possible.

Once you have the majority of the items, try and unlock all of the medals, you will find that before you even look at the medals, you would have unlocked the majority of them. However, for game longevity get all 40, only can you then say you have completed the game.

Hints and Tips.

So after reading all of this you may be thinking, well that is brilliant but how do I put this into practice, well here is a little hints and tips section, which will help your distance.

With your rock pack, jet pack or missile, always use them early on to avoid any early deaths.

Until you have the majority of the weapons, do not buy the chest bomb or nuclear bomb, to be honest they can be avoided altogether.

It is only essential that you buy the Revolver, Uzi and Sniper Rifle. Any other weapons (apart from the golden gun) are pointless as they do the same as these three. If you get to the stage where you can afford the golden gun, then you will probably have all of the other items, so it would be the next on the list to buy.

Make sure the cannons are the first item you upgrade, when you can afford to as they are the most rewarding to the distance.

Keep your finger on the D key to give you an extra distance, and only use the other keys if it is essential to get an item or avoid spikes, if it is not you should leave the W, A and S keys alone.

The Toss the Turtle game is a leading online game. This is majorly due to the amount of detail the developers have added. Even though you are playing the same layouts, every shot has a different outcome, with different obstacles and objects along the way. The ultimate achievement in Toss the Turtle is the 5 hours of play medal; you will soon wonder where this time went, and then go about changing your plans for another five hours of frantic game play.

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